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Email - Bates Number Outlook Email including pst, eml, msg, pdf files, convert and add attachments to the Email file in PDF format, Bates Stamp and save as a single PDF file. (How To Video)

Merge - Merge Bates Stamped documents to one PDF file.  Add Title Page and/or Table of Contents to PDF file with the click of the mouse. Latest comment on this feature. (How To Video)

Directories - Select a folder and include sub-folders, Bates Stamp files, save to re-created Directory Tree or Merge to a single file. Latest comment on this feature. (How To Video) 

Error Files - If a document can not be Bates Stamped for any reason the file is skipped and moved to Documents\Bates\2017\ErrorFiles and listed in Documents\Bates\2017\Filelist for that project so you can fix and reprocess without stopping the project. (How To Video)

Rename Documents - Three levels of file rename, default, simple, advanced. Select how you want file renamed in User Options. Bates Stamp and save renamed files to folder or Merge to one file. (How To Video)

Convert - Automatically convert most formats (PST, EML, MSG, DOC, XLS, JPG, PNG, TIF, PPT, TXT, HTML, etc.) to PDF and Bates Number in a single operation.  (How To Video)

Barcode - Add to any input source. Your choice of eight Barcode stamps. Use Slide-Out to apply. (How To Video)

Scanned Documents - Scan with any compliant scanner, Bates Stamp and save. (How To Video)

Create Serialized Document - Create copies of a page or document from PDF, TIF, Graphic files.  (How To Video)

Create Tickets - Create, number, print all types of carbonless forms, tickets, invoices, receipts, etc.  (How To Video)

Existing Data - Database remembers Bates Stamp information including next number.  Just select case, add files to continue a bates numbering project with ease. (How To Video)

Manual Bates Stamp - Edit PDF or remove pages, redact, highlight text, Bates Stamp manually or automatically, save as a PDF image file, which cannot be modified.  (How To Video)

Paper Documents -   Turn your windows printer into a "Bates Stamping Machine".  (How To Video)

Labels - Make any number, size, paper, for discovery medical and legal. (How To Video)

User Options - Each User can select Input and output paths, plus many file output content controls. (How To Video)

Demo Programs - Bates Stamp Software free, fully functional, test in your setting before you buy, no time limit.  Places "DEMO" watermark on documents until registered. (How To Video)

Help - A "Help" button that really helps.  Press "Help" to learn about the screen you are on. All screens have a Help button for that screen. Give it a try. We also have downloadable guides and videos on our Video's/Info page.

Guides - A comprehensive set of Samples, PDF Guides and Videos for each process.

Support - we are always happy to help you, just contact us.

Value - The best Bates Stamp Software program you can purchase with the best Support in the industry. We offer a program to fit your needs and budget. Call us, yes we answer the phone (you will never hear "please listen closely our menu has changed").  We will show you how to increase your productivity and save you time. Time = Money - We will save you both!






PDF Help Guides


Invoice 3 Part Carbon Less Forms 1up Carbon Less Forms 1up
Receipt Book 3 Part Carbon Less Forms 3up Carbon Less Forms 3up
Drink Voucher Coupon 2 Sided 12 up Coupon 2 Sided 12 up
Early Bird Special Coupon 2 Sided 16 up Coupon 2 Sided 16 up
Use Existing Data

Use Existing Data

Use Existing Data
Early Bird Special

Custom Label & Paper Sizes

Custom Label-Paper Size
A102 Drawing

Custom Paper Size Electronic

Custom Paper Size Elec.




PDF Help Guides


Law School Exam Create Serialized Documents Create Serialized Documents
Use Existing Data Use Existing Data Use Existing Data
Filelist - Student List Filelist - Student List Filelist - Student List

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