New Bates Professional 14 Features - Compare Program Features

Context Sensitive Help” – Press F1 or the Help Button on any screen and Help for that screen is displayed.

Network Install has been made much easier.  See help topics; Install, Trouble Shooting, and Shortcuts for more information

Each Users selection, for most items, that are used most of the time, are remembered for that user.

User Interface – Each User can select the following as their defaults:

  1. Output folder select for all functions.  Stamped, Scanned, Filelist, Overwrite, Create Doc’s, Print Shop!
  2. Filelist (for table of contents) has four output formats, the default is CSV (excel) and the option to turn off!
  3. Rename Files to include document start & end page number, include separate number, or the Variable stamp!
  4. Ignore Printer Margins.  Allows User to control placement!
  5. File Sort for processing has 6 choices and a no sort. All may be changed at the Input page!
  6. Create Serialized Documents - Take the work of of creating track able Exams, Movie-TV Scripts, etc!
  7. Print Shop - Create any size carbon-less forms, coupon or ticket, full color, print both sides, any size paper, pdf preview!

 Input Source

       1.      Electronic Documents includes *.pdf, *.tif, *.tiff, *.doc, *.docx, *.txt, *.xls, *.xlsx, *.wpd, *.graphic files.

2.      Electronic Documents All Files selection allows processing all file supported formats at once.

3.      Create Documents allows Multiple Page or Multiple Documents copies of a Base File.

4.      Existing Data has the option to overwrite “existing data” when saving “new data” to improve database listings management.

 Electronic Documents – File Input

  1. File Sort may be changed by selecting from dropdown list or click header to sort.
  2. Add a folder of files with the click of the “+ Folder” button.

 Addition Information page – Electronic Documents 

  1. Stamp only the First page or only the Last Page of a Electronic Document.

Label Position Information  

  1. Arrow keys to center highlighted element. 
  2. Last position and constant is remembered for each user.

 Document Position Information  

  1. Add a Page Watermark using any font, size, color on your computer.

 Output Destination – Electronic Documents 

  1. Process, Save and Print in one operation.  A checkmark sends the stamped, saved files to the printer.

Print Shop

  1.  Make any size Carbon-less forms, Tickets and Coupons.  Sequential number, print both sides, color graphics.  



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