Main Page and Additional Features


With your mouse select the Next>> Button or enter your User Initials.  This will start the  Bates Program Wizard. 



You may access the Utility Menu from the Main Page.


About - Bates Program Version Information.


Configuration - You may Change the Paths for all outputs.  To change the path, select the Configuration button and the User Options are displayed. 


Registration - you may register your program from this menu.


PDF Fixer - As you probably have discovered, all pdf files are not created equal.  PDF files created with various companies using early acrobat formats, version 1.3, as an example may open in Acrobat but cannot be processed with our Bates Program.  The reason for this is changes Adobe has made to the file structure in the later versions.  The PDF Fixer feature will reprint your file, updating the format, with the original file name and overwrite the existing early format file.  As there is no way to know if this will work on every old file always BACKUP YOUR FILES BEFORE USING THIS FEATURE. To access "PDF Fixer" press the button.


Reset Data Files - resets all data and memory back to default data when installed.  Does not delete database stored in "Use Existing Data".