Label Item Position Info

This is the screen where you will enter properties and position all elements.  With the ability to enter unlimited number of fields in multiple formats Bates Professional offers printing and document marking capabilities that no other program can offer. 

The Bates Program
processes sheets of labels, paper and electronic documents all in much the same way.  We stamp them all with a label or labels.  You will find that regardless of the Input Source the steps to complete your project are all the same.  This makes your job much easier.

On this page you determine where the information will print on the selected label. 


Barcode - add Barcode to a label element or replace the label element with a Barcode by expanding the Label Item Position screen.  To open the enhanced editing screen click the vertical bar with the arrows on the right side of the program screen above.  There is an image of the screen open with Barcode being added at the bottom of this page.


Font: You may move, change the font style, size and color of any element by selecting it in the top left window. 


Change Label: The label may also be changed at the Position Information Screen.  The active box (with the red handles) may be moved any place on the label when active.  In electronic stamping mode you can change the angle of all elements with the angle field and element boxes will resize automatically.

Elements: There are two methods to add elements, the add button below the element list window and the quick add buttons in the middle top of your screen. 


To learn more on these advanced features please take a look at the Advanced Label Data section.

Below is an example of what most bates stamps will consist of: a constant and a sequential number.  


Print Shop - If you are using the feature you will find complete information Label Position Information here.


Note in the Element Window, an element is active when surrounded by a red box. When an element is active, it may be moved and/or edited.